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    White Mountain Honey

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    White Mountain Honey

    Consistency: Extra thick & creamy.
    Nectar Source: Sainfoin Flowers
    Color: Pale White
    Taste: Sweet, Creamy, and Hint of Rose


    Rich in Calcium and Increases immunity

    White mountain honey is a delicious and nutritious sweetener that offers a range of health benefits. Its unique taste and texture make it a perfect addition to your breakfast, snacks, or desserts. With its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, white honey helps boost your immunity, fights inflammation, and promotes healing. Plus, it's 100% natural and unprocessed, ensuring that you're consuming only the purest form of honey. Don't miss out on the incredible benefits of white mountain honey; buy it today!



    About White Mountain Honey

    Coming with essential natural minerals, this honey is popular for its anti-cough advantages. It is a unique and rare honey. Moreover, Honeybees harvest from the nectar of wild Sainfoin Flower at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level.

    Health Benefits 

    The wild Sainfoin Flower offers a soothing effect, and its honey has several medicinal benefits due to which it has significance in the world of medicine as well.

    Rich in Calcium

    So, make your bones strong by adding it to the milk. Therefore, it is ideal for kids, aged people suffering from osteoarthritis, and women. Moreover, this is ideal for cooling down the inflammation and provides strength to week muscles. It gives calm and relief to your body by reducing pain and aches in joints and bones.

    Empowers the Immune System

    White Mountain Honey improves the immune system. It provides 20% of vitamin C of daily use. It is the rich and true source of vitamin C that is a very important component of the pure diet. It helps to repair the immune system, tissues of the skin, collagen formation. It protects the walls of blood vessels and secures them from the harms of free radicals.


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